Rep. Bishop Stands against Partisan Politics and Expresses Support for Israel

December 6, 2019
Press Release
The Congressman votes against H.Res 326 because the Israel-Palestinian conflict requires earnest, innovative solutions, not political games.

Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Dan Bishop (NC-09) voted against H.Res. 326, which tries to limit the Administration’s ability to seek a durable solution to the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict and targets our strongest ally in the region, Israel, in the process.


The resolution claims to seek support for a two-state solution, but the full House of Representatives already passed bipartisan legislation that affirms such support in July, 2019. Instead, this partisan resolution is designed to embarrass Israel during an ongoing election by presenting criticism of the Israelis while ignoring Palestinian Authority-funded terrorism.


“The Israel-Palestinian conflict requires serious, thoughtful consideration, not partisan politics,” said Representative Bishop. “We should not confine ongoing Administration efforts to secure peace by insisting that it rigidly advance the exact previous proposals that have failed. I continue to be a strong supporter of Israel and its people and look forward to promoting peace in the region.”


H.Res. 326 ­­­­was opposed by Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The resolution passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 226 Yeas and 188 Nays.