Bishop Votes No on Burdensome PFAS Chemical Standards

July 21, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC—Rep. Dan Bishop (NC-09) voted against the “PFAS Action Act” that would place more redundant, burdensome regulations on Americans.

“The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) already has robust tools in place under existing laws to identify, regulate, and abate risks from substances that pose danger to human and environmental health, including two PFAS chemicals. Over time, these laws have been amended to improve the science at the heart of this crucial regulatory process. However, the ‘PFAS Action Act’ would not be one of those improvements. This one-size-fits-all bill would undoubtedly result in government overreach by the EPA that would be detrimental to American families’ way of life,” Rep. Bishop said.

The “PFAS Action Act” (H.R. 2467) is a Big Government approach to regulatory standards that would have unintended consequences for Americans. The bill would presumptively ban an entire class of almost 10,000 chemicals, known as PFAS, without any developed scientific evidence of toxicity at normal exposures. PFAS chemicals are used in making coronary implants and other biotech devices, cell phones, tablets, solar panels, light aircraft, non-stick cookware, anti-stain fabric protectors, body armor — a host of useful and even critical products.